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Von: Sheepy


Also, ich persönlich finde das äußerst ungerecht! Wieso macht man sich nur über Muslime Gedanken, wo doch so viele andere Minderheiten sicherlich auch unterproportional(!) in der BW vertreten sind: z. B. Homosexuelle, Transgender, Menschen mit körperlicher oder geistiger Beh…. - Pardon! - besonderen anderen Fähigkeiten!

Poya Day im Feldle

Von: Sheepy

pic by Gayani’s Tab

“Another thing that bothers me about this multiculturalism is when people ask me: ‘How can you be sure that you are not a racist?’ My answer is that there is only one way. If I can exchange insults, brutal jokes, dirty jokes, with a member of a different race and we both know it’s not meant in a racist way. If, on the other hand, we play this politically correct game – ‘Oh, I respect you, how interesting your customs are’ – this is inverted racism, and it is disgusting” –

Slavoj Žižek, Slovenian psychoanalytic philosopher and cultural critic.